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Similarly, call the airline, hotel, embassy, or other direct source. Spent a lovely weekend in Gdańsk, Poland, the most prominent city in the geographical region of Pomerania – a true cultural and historical gem. When we returned to the USA, I remember getting off the plane, getting a gust of wind in my face and thinking “the air smells weird here”. For those of you who have traveled for long periods of time, is this possible? Does the regular air smell differently in different parts of the world, even if there isn’t anything “heavy” floating in it ? Or is it more likely that my childhood brain created a false memory?

  • It’s such a peaceful and romantic experience, and of course, it’s where you get the best pictures of your journey.
  • The non existence of mechanical means in the Middle Ages, meant that people had strong legs used to walk, this fact has been documented with the forensic examination of human skeletons of that time.
  • The transport secretary, Grant Shapps, described England’s rules, unveiled last Friday, as “a new simplified system for international travel”.
  • For those not wanting to drive there is a shuttle between Lampedusa Town and Spiaggia dei Conigli hourly during the daytime.
  • Lastly, you could hire a car from Naples for the day to explore the Amalfi Coast by yourself.

Visitors can walk along the ancient streets to see the remains of shops, bars, bakeries, brothels, baths and residential homes as well as buildings that served as commercial and religious centers. Within the architecture of Pompeii’s ancient Путешествие на Сподін Ігор Юрійович поезде по Грузии buildings, there is a large number of art works and frescoes depicting erotica, mythological characters and hunting scenes. One of the most romantic and posh towns along the Amalfi Coast, Positano‘s many calling cards include beautiful pebbled beaches, pastel houses, scenic mountains, waterfalls and a 13th century Black Madonna. Situated in Italy’s southwestern region of Campania, the Amalfi Coast is known for its extraordinary beauty that makes it one of Italy’s top tourist destinations. Meaning “Five Lands,” Cinque Terre comprises the five villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Monterosso and Corniglia. Riomaggiore boasts a medieval castle and the bustling main street of Via Colombo while Manarola is filled with colorful boats, swimming holes and caves.

informative post Flirtatious locals are hardly isolated to France – just be prepared to handle overt advances wherever you are. If someone is coming on too strongly and making you uncomfortable – whether a suitor on the street or a hotel employee – excuse yourself in a hurry and find somewhere safe to escape. Expect a lot more eye contact from men in southern European countries including France than in the north. It’s usually just an approving or curious glance, and no more harmless than that. U.S. citizens who plan a lengthy trip to Spain should bring enough medication for their stay or obtain a prescription for that medication from a Spanish physician. The Department of State has prepared some useful tips for enjoying a safe trip abroad.

Those who reside in the Schengen Zone only need an EU ID card to enter a neighboring country. Though not technically a part of Italy, Vatican City is still within Rome’s city limits and is a great place to visit. I have been using World Nomads for some time now and made a few claims over the years. They’re easy to use, professional and relatively affordable.

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But if you are going to Naples and Campagnia region, you should taste StrangulaprieveteGnocchi with a fresh tomato sauce. Or when in Sardinia, opt for little Sardinian Malloreddus Gnocchi alla Campidanese with sausage sauce. Lasage are one of those Italian traditional food all gourmands look forward on their trip to Italy.

Fossa delle Felci tops out at over 3,000 feet—Salina is perhaps best known for its capers, some of the best in the world, and malvasia, a golden dessert wine made from dried grapes and produced only on this island. Tasca d’Almerita produces a very fine version of the wine, and it’s possible to sleep surrounded by the vineyards at Capofaro Malvasia & Resort. The western part of the island is home to Pollara, a village that has capitalized on its fame as one of the locations features in the popular 1990s film Il Postino . Despite taking up little more than a square mile, Panarea is arguably the most sought-after of the Aeolian Islands, thanks in part to an influx of celebrity visitors in recent years.

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You can rent 2 beach chairs and an umbrella on the beach for €20 cash. When you first arrive in Rome, jetlag will probably get the best of you. Give yourself a day to recover and take in all the beauty that this ancient city has to offer. Rome is full of art, history, culture, and amazing food. It is incredible to wander down a street and suddenly come upon an ancient structure or statue! The best time of year to visit Italy is probably May or September in my opinion.

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Opt for a few main accessories that match your clothing, and keep in mind that you’ll probably be doing a lot of walking and exploring when choosing your footwear. The season will also determine what you end up packing. Italy is quite hot during the summer, especially during July and August, so if you are going during the summer months, make sure you pack light, breathable clothing.

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Also, check out websites like or and similar good travel websites to see what kinds of activities are going on nearby, and join one. Take the time to hang out with locals who actually live in the country you’re visiting. With travel insurance you don’t have to worry about huge hospital bills or stolen gear when it eventually happens. For all kinds of trips ranging from a weekend up to a few months long, I always recommend picking up a travel insurance policy with Safety Wing. Flying can often be one of the most expensive parts of an international trip.

Classic Italy Tour: Rome, Venice, Florence & Tuscany

Any time we open our front door, we are wearing a mask. If you are in an elevator, a communal hallway, outside walking around the city streets, in a shop, etc, you must wear a mask over your mouth and nose. The only exception is when you are sitting down at a restaurant to eat.

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