A New Look At Gangsterism In South African Townships

In this way, a negative feedback system of unlawful behaviour and social and economic deprivation exacerbates the current climate in South Africa. It should be noted that while these programmes have good intentions, they have predominantly been conducted in isolation (van Wyk & Theron, 2005). In the absence of collaboration, programmes do not share information with one another which could be utilised to improve upon similar pitfalls experienced.

  • Death and violence anger a twelve-year-old drug courier, who sets his employers against each other.
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  • According to the author, attribution theory can be viewed in terms of three divisions; locus, stability, and controllability.

Had control of what is now Federal Triangle, in a region then known as Murder Bay. Organized crime in the United States first came to prominence in the Old West and historians such as Brian J. Robb and Erin H. Turner traced the first organized crime syndicates to the Coschise Cowboy Gang and the Wild Bunch. Prohibition would also cause a new boom in the emergence of gangs; Chicago for example had over 1,000 gangs in the 1920s. The 17th century saw London “terrorized by a series of organized gangs”,some of them known as the Mims, Hectors, Bugles, and Dead Boys.

I found that the state’s failure to protect the inhabitants of the Cape Flats can in great part be attributed to the failure of Chapter 4 of the law, which was enacted in 1999 to combat organised crime. We have the right to form our own political parties and run whatever candidates we choose. If people choose not to get involved that process they have no one to blame but themselves. They stopped trying to disrupt drug trafficking and even have members of the Wolf Pack in the Witness Protection Program. Instead of pointing out the oblivious, that these clowns are loser Surrey Jacks, Dr Kim dramatizes it to sell newspapers. If these guys were real gang bangers they’d be popping each clown that stepped up in their grill.

Gangs Of Cape Town South Africa

This may affect the future of other siblings and even worse if the affected family members who are emotionally and unable to handle the pressure from society. On the contrary Swipebuster https://antikor.com.ua/articles/436125-andrej_volkov_iz_investohills_vesta_nazval_rossiju_prekrasnoj_stranoj теперь Cheaterbuster , those with a bright future able to continue their study while they had wasting their precious life in prison.They also will give a bad impact or influence to the youngers. They will follow the foot step of the elder ones in family and causing them to follow the wrong path as the elder ones.


It pains me to come to school to talk about a death certificate rather than a matric certificate. It pains me to extend condolences to all those affected by death rather than congratulating a school for doing work academically. What I know are accusations of drugs, gangsterism and poor management in the school and entire education space. The situation has become so bad that in some cases, police are afraid to enter neighbourhoods. But although there’s growing public awareness of the problem, it won’t easily disappear.

Social Disruption And Family Breakdowns

One of my early discoveries was that Cape Town doesn’t have a gang problem so much as a youth problem of which gangs are one of the outcomes. There are very often education issues – high percentages of gang members have dropped out of school early. A gang is a group of people with common interests who come together with common criminal purpose. Here gangs of young men rule the night with heavy calibre handguns defending turf for drug lords, dispensing heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, cannabis and fear. In both a historian and a criminologist, I am interested in the crimes they do and the crimes done to them, why it is so and how it came to be like this. In the midst of the Kgomo family’s grief, two videos surfaced on social media, showing the suspect bragging about an ‘easy’ life in jail and how he was going to come home very soon to continue his reign of terror.

To qualify as mistreatment, a behavior has to intentionally cause harm or create a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable older adult. The term “domestic elder abuse” is used to refer to mistreatment committed by someone with whom the older adult has a special relationship such as a spouse, sibling, child, friend, or caregiver. Caregiver neglect is a specific type of mistreatment in which the caregiver intentionally fails to address the physical, social, or emotional needs of the older person. This neglect can include withholding food, water, clothing, medications, or assistance with activities of daily living such as help with personal hygiene. Evidence shows that burden, stress, and depression influence health behaviors.

The poverty, misery, violence and lawlessness of cities led to the growth of many gangs. In particular, the numerous youth gangs or tsotsis reflected the instability of the urban African family. Both parents need to work, and parental control of their children is absent.

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Director Pillay noted that it was only possible if SAPS attained co-operation and support from local communities. In order to preserve the quality of the data gathered, young persons will be provided with questionnaires that they are required to fill in anonymously. The questionnaires will consist of simple, multiple choice questions, where respondents simply answer by selecting the choice that applies. The questions will basically concern their perception of delinquency, and their motivation or lack thereof to participate in such activities.

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